A successful website for us is the one that generates profits usually by increasing the business revenue. The internet is a huge market to invest. If your online presence is well structured you can have incredible results in growing your business. To do this requires a set of quality techniques and, above all, quality content. Fortitude IT & Business Consulting can take the whole process from scratch by implementing all the steps to make your website a profit for your business.

Our job is to integrate your business strategy into the online world, using the most appropriate tools, analyzing the market; the competition and the product itself, in order to achieve the maximum potential and clearly demonstrate the comparative advantages. By putting the right foundations together, your business can gain the maximum possible market share with as few resources as possible.


Internet Marketing​

Building a good website is not enough, the public should discover it. We undertake the Promotion of your website on the web, using the most efficient Marketing methods for each project (content marketing, social media marketing, cpm marketing, video marketing etc.).

Web site design - E-shop

We design your website based on the modern design trends of today, we pay attention to the usability of your website and we customize it 100% according to your needs and preferences.


The security of your website is very important
to us. We place great emphasis on the security architecture of your website, using the right tools and providing maximum protection and security.


We track and analyze the statistics of your website in order to make it more efficient over time and to deliver the most well targeted campaigns.

Web Hosting​

We host your website on state- of- the- art web servers, with 99% uptime, so your page is always online. We also use very powerful firewalls to keep you safe from hacker attacks.


We undertake the Search Engine Optimization of your website both on-page and off-page bases, to be search engine friendly and gain more and more users by organic search.

Security systems

We undertake the study, disposal and installation of the appropriate security system tailored specifically to your needs. We provide ultra-modern closed circuit television, alarm and fire alarm solutions.

Information Technology

We fully cover your IT needs. Providing solutions for call centers, servers, automation while using technologies like Hypervisors, Cloud computing, Clustering on Windows and Linux platforms, we provide you with the most reliable solutions.

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